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Renaissance day

We propose a day on the theme of the Renaissance. A thematic visit and fun and educational activities will allow your students to acquire knowledge about this period while having fun. The activities are adapted according to the cycle and level of your students.

Thematic visit


Enjoy an hour's visit to this Renaissance-style castle to discover the life of the inhabitants at that time.



Renaissance Dance - Learn the basics of Renaissance dances, dance like the nobles of the time.
This workshop is suitable for all cycles.

Architecture workshop - Discover the Renaissance facades of the castle through several small games. 
This workshop is suitable for all cycles. 


Cluedo François I - Enigmas are scattered throughout the castle, if you manage to answer them you will learn more about a great king of France. 
This workshop is suitable for cycle 3. 


Sigillography Workshop - Through these workshops discover the different types of seals and their meanings. 
This workshop is suitable for cycle 2 and 3. 


Calligraphy workshop - Go back in time to discover the means of writing and the ancient alphabets. 
This workshop is suitable for children from cycle 2.


By reservation: every day, out of tourist season.


  • Children: 7 €

  • Accompanying persons: 7 €

  • Free for teachers

For more information or for a reservation, do not hesitate to contact us:

Wearing a mask and health pass not compulsory subject to government modifications. Thank you for your understanding. 

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