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Over 800 years of history, and many more !

Classified as a historic monument in 1924 and again in 2011, the Fontaine-Henry castle was built in the early 13th century. Since then, this architectural treasure has been constantly embellished. Never sold, it has been passed down from generation to generation since its foundation by the de Tilly family, to the Marquis of Oilliamson, its current owner.
With a 16-metre high roof structure, its roofs are reputed to be the highest in France. It is also known for its sculpted facades which make it "a Loire castle lost in Normandy".

The Fontaine-Henry seigneury is a family property that can pride itself on having survived the passage of time by accumulating knowledge and objects. This has only been possible because the estate has never been sold. Often handed down by women, several names have succeeded one another, including the illustrious d'Harcourt family, very powerful and close to the kings of France. Similarly, the château was owned by the de Cornulier family, who kept souvenirs of the French Revolutionary period and left their mark on the social history of rural France. Each of these families has made the Fontaine-Henry castle a unique place that we like to show you during our visits and events.


The furniture reflects this transmission: you will see real family photos and you will visit the rooms as if you were the guest of the host of these places. The sometimes eclectic aspect of the furniture is a further testimony to the life that has animated these places for centuries.

Château mystère
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